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RGB Sheep

Sun 2016-01-03

Three crocheted sheep, one in red, one in green and one in blue.

One rgb triplet of sheep.

This is my go at the instructions from here.

Image (c) Ludger Sandig, licensed cc by-sa.


Using with xdg-open

Wed 2015-09-16

This is how you can set suckless surf as your default browser.

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YATHTFBB - Yet another tutorial how to fix bad blocks

Tue 2015-06-09

There are already many good tutorials on fixing bad block in ext4 filesystems that can be found on the web, but last time I had to do it, did it a bit different. The method presented here does not require so much manual calculation of offsets, but may need more time where the computer with the damaged drive has to run unsupervised.

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CorrectHorseBatteryStaple in 30 seconds

Tue 2015-03-31

Ever needed to create CorrectHorseBatteryStaple style passwords but mistrust online password generators?

ludger@abulafia:~$ shuf -n 4 /usr/share/dict/words

shuf is part of GNU coreutils.


sudo: who are you?

Wed 2015-03-25

Things not to do with your system #23

ludger@abulafia:/tmp%: sudo mv /etc/passwd /etc/passwd.backup
ludger@abulafia:/tmp%: sudo mv ./passwd /etc/passwd
sudo: unknown uid 1000: who are you?


Fixing this needs a Live-CD unless you are logged in into another terminal as root.

Also relevant:

We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

  1. Respect the privacy of others.
  2. Think before you type.
  3. With great power comes great responsibility.

(emphasis mine)


Configuring AUCTeX to use Zathura as pdf viewer

Thu 2015-03-12

For years I could not figure out how to tell emacs »No, I do not want evince as my pdf viewer, use something else« -- except by editing the default command line by hand each time.

But, mark your calendars, today is the day where I found it.

These are the magic lines to add to your .emacs file:

 ;; Your other configuration here
 ;; ...
 '(TeX-view-program-list (quote (("Zathura" "zathura %o")))) ; [1]
   (((output-dvi style-pstricks) "dvips and gv")
   (output-dvi "xdvi")
   (output-pdf "Zathura")                                    ; [2]
   (output-html "xdg-open")))))

Of course the same thing can be configured via M-x customize-group [RET] auctex [RET] and then choosing TeX Command > TeX View.

The trick is: First [1] you tell emacs about your new viewer by adding a list of its name and the command to execute to TeX-view-program-list.

Then [2] you have to tell emacs to actually use your newly defined program by setting the given name as the second part of the output-pdf predicate in the TeX-view-program-selection alist.

This works for emacs version 24.4 with auctex version 11.88, next version might be different, who knows.