Emacs Advent Calendar 24: Misc. Features

Thu 2015-12-24

Today we will look at various small features of Emacs as well as some of the functionality because of which Emacs sometimes is called an operating system on its own.

You can increase the display font size on the fly with C-x C-+ and decrease it with C-x C--.

Pressing <TAB> indents text intelligently depending on the active modes. To indent the region, use C-M-\ . To indent a region interactively, press C-x <TAB> and use the arrow keys to move.

For Minibuffer completion, M-x icomplete-mode can show completions on the fly. Rotate suggested matches with M-, and M-., press C-j to accept the first match.

Emacs also includes a calculator that can be started with M-x calculator. Bury the buffer with q when finished.

To open a url at point in your default browser, invoke M-x browse-url.

To sort the lines in a region, run M-x sort-lines. Org mode has more sophisticated sorting commands.

To browse the internet with emacs, start its built-in browser: M-x eww and give it a url to load. See the menu for available commands.

To show a calendar of the current month, run M-x calendar.

Finally, to insert any known Unicode character, press C-x 8 <RET> and enter the name of its code point, e.g. C-x 8 <RET> SNOWMAN <RET> and receive a glorious Unicode ☃.


This text by Ludger Sandig is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.